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Is there a limit to how large my order can be?

Unfortunately, there is a limit. And that limit is 5 free items per customers. This is to give all of our wonderful customers a chance to get their hands on free extensions.

If I order a free product, will I get locked into a subscription?

There are no subscriptions at all at BelleChiq extensions - the only cost for a free product is the shipping and handling. This is a one-time charge that is made clear when you check out.


Why are you offering free products?

Our mission here at BelleChiq extensions is to empower women all over the world. However, instead of just saying it we like to take action! The extensions are readily available on our site to anyone who needs them (click here to get yours). We only ask that you cover the cost of shipping and handling and help us spread the word! 

Can I dye, curl, and straighten my hair extensions?

You can but you should avoid doing this if possible. We recommend using this video as a guide: CLICK ME. Also you should avoid dying them, we've had some customers who've had luck with it but we don't recommend taking the chance.



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